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Hi. I'm Ralph, the fictional, overworked, stressed out and queasy web site intern. My new job is to maintain the cyberbarf pod cast page for this site. I think this pod cast thing is just another way for the bosses to attempt to re-live their college radio days in cyberspace. So, anyway, this is the's cyberbarfbag™.

The files are mpg3 audio created by using Apple technology and iTunes. (Quicktime) Current podcasts are listed below (with run times). The podcasts are for the non-commercial, personal use of our listeners-readers-viewers (whatever you call our visitors). the podcasts are uploaded by the express permission of, inc., the mothership, and podcasts are not to be retransmitted, or rebroadcast without the express written permission of this site's operators (and this includes you, Major League Baseball!!!) Listen to Ski, Ralph and cyber AI voice slaves podcast on the examination of the internet.

cyberbarf bag™


barf bag 1: vinyl (1:51)

barf bag 2: radio static (2:13)

barf bag 3: cellphones (2:06)

barf bag 4: web hits (2:27)

barf bag 5: garageband (2:40)

barf bag 6: podcasts dead? (3:01)

barf bag 7: iPad (2:20)

barf bag 8: your computer (1:36)

barf bag 9: lessons learned (1:40)

barf bag 10: storm clouds (2:16)

barf bag 11: japan status (2:50)

barf bag 12: critical mass (3:00)

barf bag 13: paperfull (3:30)



So, Ralph,

what do you think??


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